Plan It and I Will Provide


I've known since I was a child I was created especially to make music for the Kingdom.  Besides being a calling, music has also it has been my family’s livelihood for the past 32 years. But a year ago, while on a missions trip, God revealed to me He was also calling me to another path of service. Shortly after returning home, Christ Church leadership asked and I prayerfully accepted the volunteer position of Missions Director. 

Overall, it has been a wonderful experience! We’re big on vision, but I’ve continually felt the pressure of funding that vision while being the best steward of the resources given. Besides the responsibility to finance international missions trips, I’ve recently placed too much emphasis on my needing to raise a 2015 department budget.

Missions Conference has always been the primary time for missions emphasis at Christ Church and the annual time we all pledge our faith-commitments, which sets our next year’s budget.

As I recently prayed over this conference and several tremendous, yet challenging missions invitations we’ve received for next year, I believe I distinctly heard from the Lord: “Plan it and I will provide”. I’ve been a Christian since I was 8, but I’m still human! I responded, “But Lord, that’s SO MUCH to take on!” Again, I heard clearly…“Plan it and I will provide”. Still being human and a practical steward, I began to run the numbers in my head and rationalize how almost impossible the task would be. I was immediately interrupted by the Spirit again with an emphatic “Plan it and I will provide!”

Last weekend, I was in San Antonio as guest conductor and speaker for a music conference. Knowing my new additional calling to missions, the host asked me to share a bit with the attendees about my new journey. I hadn’t planned to share it, but I found myself suddenly telling the above story about struggling with the pressure of figuring out everything within my own power and influence and not releasing it for God to handle.

On the next break, a lady quickly came up to me from the audience. She explained how earlier that week she arrived home from a visit to a Christian bookstore and noticed they had failed to charge her for one of the items she had brought home. She immediately drove back to the store to pay for the item!

The bookstore manager was so appreciative of her honesty he offered her a free gift. As tears filled her eyes, she told me there was a pen on display behind the counter that seemed to be saying to her “Pick Me! Pick me!” She said she thought at the time she would give it as a gift to someone, perhaps at Christmas. But as I had told my “Plan it and I will provide” story, she realized the pen was meant for me!

It’s a beautiful pen and inscribed on it are the words “The LORD Provides”.

For the season I serve as Christ Church Missions Director, this pen will be a daily reminder that this is not my vision we’re pursuing and not my responsibility to fulfill within my limited understanding and ability only.

As the conference approaches Oct. 15-19, I believe it will be a wonderful time of refreshing and renewal for our many missionaries who are coming from around the world!

We’re planning it…I believe God will provide! Prov. 3:5-6


Russell Mauldin